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Thanks for coming to hang out with me live! If you missed the stream, it's up on YouTube now! I'm so excited to share that after 2 YEARS (of laziness)  I FINALLY HIT 500 SUBBIES! Let's be honest here, I really wasn't putting any effort into my channel. I uploaded here and there. The videos were hit and miss. You guys stuck around though and I'm SO GRATEFUL! Now we're on the road to 1K! I hope you are still enjoying my content and I promise to bring you fun stuff this year and beyond!

Outfit Details:

- Head -
Genus Project Classic Face (Tres Beau Keke Skin)

- Body - 
Legacy, Shape made by me! (You can purchase here!)

- Hair - 
DOUX - Nansi Hairstyle 

- Miscellaneous Accessories - 
^^Swallow^^ Princess Ears
Vexiin Nose Piercing
Spoiled - Gamer Girl  Headset

- Clothing - 
Addams // Melody Jeans Ripped


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