New Phone, Who Dis?

If you've been following me a while, you know I like to change looks...

Okay that's an understatement... I change my look A LOT. This time I was tempted by The Genus Project's new Mesh Head. Genesis Lab has dissolved and creators from that team kept the dream alive and continued creating in Second Life. They renamed the company The Genus Project and this week the grid has been buzzing about their new head and appliers to go along with.

I've tried out all of them, and MY FAVORITE has been the Ariana Skin from Egozy!

Egozy is one of my favorites for skins because they consistently strive to create content that is complementary to ALL SKIN TONES! Alteir Pepe will release their Genus skin at Uber on Monday June 25th, so we'll see if their's gets me to change again! I will do a full breakdown of the head, hud, skins, and other appliers once the full version is released!