I seriously need an assistant! It is so hard to keep up with the blog and all my jobs in world.... so if you're bored and on all the time HIT ME UP ASAP! XD

My schedule was so crazy this week... I spent most of it running back and forth in Coastal Heights between my salon and my yoga studio filming commercials! It was fun and i'm so excited to share them with you... but I really wasn't able to get much else done. See last week's post for the Yoga Commercial outfit, and the salon commercial outfit is pictured above. I was wearing Seul's Juicy Couture (Velour Sweats) sweats in Red, Reign's Ariana Sneakers in Red with Hearts, and my train case is a gacha from Vive9/Ryvolter! Hair is a new ponytail I found from Doux called Fashionista.

This week was a combo of looks. I always shop the Saturday Sale because i'm a shopping addict! In this week's ad for Gossip, the model was wearing the most gorgeous fur coat and I set out my search to find it. It's from NOCHE and I also got the on shoulder version as well.

Under it, i'm wearing the Mila Belted Shirt, and it was definitely giving my Kylie Jenner vibes, so I paired it with her signature thigh high boots! These patent leather boots are from Vive9/Ryvolter. They're oversize, so I had to slim down my thickness a bit to look normal... XP They're gacha, so you may have to search a bit for them!

Hair again is my fave from Doux... can't stop wearing it!

Hope you enjoyed this video and post!