I was scrolling down my SL Facebook Newsfeed last night after church and I love Sarah so I had to stop and watch. I had literally just ran away from home (not literally, but you'll see in a min...) I got a week at a little beach house on mainland, and I was stirring, because I was feeling lost and abandoned in a friendship and relationship. 

I figured I'd use this week away from the sim I live on to catch up on paperwork for the spa and yoga... take pics... work on blogs XP lol

As I listened and got into this message, I realized I had just been shipwrecked! Just as she was speaking of... God has sent me to this island LITERALLY to work on me... and what comes from it may not be what I want... which is my relationship back... but I don't feel as hopeless and lost as I did. This message gave to me that THIS MOMENT, this season that I'm in where I feel alone and abandoned, really is just preparing me ultimately for what I want, which is a successful relationship... success in my businesses, successful connections, and to continue spreading the Word!

I hope my heartache was able to inspire you to do the same! We can be shipwrecked together!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post! Check out some pics I took last night while I was listening!

If you haven't watched this video, YOU SHOULD! It really blessed me!

Bikini & Coverup are Group Gifts from |Scandalize|