I have a problem...

Hello, I'm Yasmin and I'm a Shopaholic...

I can admit I have a problem. RL and SL.

My favorite store in RL is Fashion Nova but I can contain myself because I work from home and I'm in sweats 90% of the time.

SL is a different story though. Yoga Clothes are always needed but most of the time I'm in dresses. Hilly Haalan is my current addiction. I justify my spending by buying clothes with HUDs so I can wear the dresses in different colors and in different ways. Hahaha

I also like Vive9/Ryvolter a lot. My head and skin are Fiore so I am in their sim often and I just can't leave without getting something new!

Where are your favorite places to shop?

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed this blog!